Blockchain-based data platform Provides fair rewards for users’ data

Happiness through my valued data
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"Happiness through My Valued Data"

We hope all of our NTH users enjoy a happier and more relaxed life.

Giant dinosaur IT companies are acquiring customers' data without any compensation, and with those data, they make a huge profits through various businesses.

But NTH is different. We know who the real owner is.
The location and behavior data you uploaded on the NTH platform is yours.
And we also know the value of your data.
NTH will try to add value to your data and rewards you for it.

NTH's purpose with data is only one. We hope all of our NTH users enjoy a happier and more relaxed life.

We keep your valuable data Safe and Secured.
NTH does not open, move or transfer your data.


Until the official launching of NTH Mainnet - an independent blockchain platform - NTH Token will be issued annually in the market through smart contracts under special regulations.
One billion NTH Tokens will be issued initially, and part of it will be distributed for R&D and Marketing purposes before development and application of the mainnet.

Name of TOKEN : NTH
Total : 1,000,000,000 NTH
  • ■ Burning of NTH token : ㆍ The burning of NTH tokens will be processed through a voting system among the NTH project operators, and the content will be announced through sources such as the official website
    - Burning, carrying-over, and designating remaining NTH tokens that were allotted for Liquid Provision, Marketing, and Team & Advisor
    - Burning, carrying-over, and designating NTH tokens that were allotted for the ecosystem
  • ■ Freezing of NTH tokens : ㆍ The NTH tokens may be frozen under the following conditions
    - Freezing of NTH token account due to implementation and violation of smart contract
    - Freezing of NTH token account that was utilized for illegal plundering and crime-related activities
  • ■ Marketing coins are used for advertising, events, and partnerships, and may be consigned if necessary
  • ■ Once NTH Chain launches, issued NTH tokens will be traded in with 1:1 ratio
  • ■ Depending on NTH’s operational status, the total amount of NTH tokens and its distribution may be determined through a voting system among the operators, and the content will be announced on the website or other announcement boards
■ NTH Token Distribution Plan
Category Ratio Amount Notes
Sales & Liquidity 15% 150,000,000 Sales, Business Development, etc.
Operating 15% 150,000,000 Operation, Research & Development, etc.
Marketing 20% 200,000,000 User-targeted Events, Airdrop
Team & Advisor 10% 100,000,000 Team Incentive
Eco-System 35% 350,000,000 Reward from Service Ecosystem
Reserve 5% 50,000,000 Reserve
Total 100% 1,000,000,000
■ NTH Token Supply Plan

Data Platform – NTH Mobile Application

‘NTH’ receives the user’s mobility data periodically and pays ‘NTH Token’ as a reward.
NTH Platform consists of a service that collects and records user data
and a wallet that manages tokens and points

Data Platform – ECO System

NTH Chain

The Process of NTH
NTH service user can utilize the NTH Dapp to agree with the collection of their location information data at certain intervals.

For the sake of data integrity, the location data collected with the user’s agreement will be collected and stored on blockchain network and will not be available for editing. The stored data, through a reward calculation algorithm, will provide the users with a certain amount of N.Cash once every hour.

For the transparency of the reward calculation algorithm, the NTH service will use blockchain technology for the calculation. The storing, rewarding, and calculation algorithm logic of the collected data will be executed using smart contract.

The rewarded N.Cash will be transferred to a user Dapp’s N.Cash wallet, and once the number of N.Cash is accumulated to a certain number, the N.Cash can be traded in for NTH Token, and the traded NTH Token will be transferred to a user Dapp’s NTH Token wallet.

In this process, by storing the collected data on blockchain network, NTH can ensure the reliability of its collected data as valued data.



Kwonho Lee Founder

  • ㆍB.A. in Business Administration
  • ㆍHanyang Securities
  • ㆍKTB Securities
  • ㆍKTB Investment
  • ㆍMCTT (CEO)
  • ㆍSalt&Pepper (Director)
  • ㆍNTH Project

K-Rok Suh Director

  • ㆍB.S. in Computer Science
  • ㆍMBA
  • ㆍSK Teletech
  • ㆍPantech
  • ㆍSK Telesys
  • ㆍSK Indonesia Office
  •  (President Director)
  • ㆍPUBLOX Co., Ltd.(Director)
  • ㆍNTH Project

Jeong Won Suh Advisor

  • ㆍB.S in Life Science &
  •  Biotechnology
  • ㆍDaewoo International
  • ㆍSR Innovation & System (CEO)
  • ㆍAdvisor (Current)
  •  - LS Electronics
  •  - Kyrungrim Tech
  •  (Automotive Electronics)

Heung Soon Chang Advisor

  • ㆍPh. D in Electronics
  • ㆍSogang Univ. Professor
  • ㆍBlue Kite (CEO)

C T Park Advisor

  • ㆍB.S in Business
  • ㆍIBM
  • ㆍMobile C&C Cambodia
  •  (President)
  • ㆍNTH Chain Cambodia
  •  (Director)

Min Jang Advisor

  • ㆍPh.D in Machine Learning
  •  Data Mining
  • ㆍLG Electronic
  • ㆍHancom Group
  • ㆍBilibit
  • ㆍNTH Project

Gil Mo Song Advisor

  • ㆍB.S in Economics
  • ㆍMobile C&C Cambodia(CEO)
  • ㆍNTH Chain Cambodia

Joo Phil Jeong Advisor

  • ㆍSamsung Group
  • ㆍBlockchain Today(Publisher)
  • ㆍNTH Project

Daniel Jeong R&D Center Director

  • ㆍB.S. in Computer Science
  • ㆍIntoby Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍFinotek Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍManaging R&D Center
  • ㆍWeb Development/Operation
  • ㆍNTH Project Leader

Som Chotmony Project Coordinator

  • ㆍB.S in Electrical and Electronic
  •  Engineering
  • ㆍEngineer at SG of USO Fund
  • ㆍNTH Chain Cambodia

Sungyoun Hwang Senior Engineer
Lead Client Developer

  • ㆍB.S. in Information Statistics
  • ㆍIntoby Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍFinotek Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍAndroid/IOS App Developer
  • ㆍClient System Developer
  • ㆍNTH Project

Hyunwoo Gwak Senior Engineer
Lead Back-End & Server

  • ㆍB.S. in Information Network
  • ㆍQ & Solve
  • ㆍNubicom
  • ㆍHarex Info Tech
  • ㆍFinotek. Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍMobile Payment System
  • ㆍFinancial Institution’s
  •  Demon System
  • ㆍElectronic Registration System
  • ㆍNTH Project

Hyunwoong Kim Senior Engineer
Full Stack Developer

  • ㆍB.S. in Game Programming
  • ㆍCopersons
  • ㆍIX2 Games
  • ㆍFinotek Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍWeb Board Game Developer
  • ㆍMobile Game Developer
  • ㆍMacro Program Developer
  • ㆍNTH Project

Jinyoung Lee Senior Engineer
Financial System Developer

  • ㆍB.S. in Computer Science
  • ㆍIU Net Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍM-Page Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍIntoby Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍFinotek Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍRegistration System for
  •  Real-estate
  • ㆍWeb/Mobile Site Develop &
  •  Operation
  • ㆍNTH Project

David Lee Junior Engineer
Blockchain Developer

  • ㆍPh.D in Blockchain System
  • ㆍFinotek. Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍNFT System Developer
  • ㆍNTH Project

Wookeun Choi Junior Researcher
Financial System

  • ㆍMBA – Information Technology
  • ㆍFinotek Co., Ltd
  • ㆍNTH Project

Juha Lee Senior Engineer
Information & Security

  • ㆍB.A. in Visual Design
  • ㆍM-Power System Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍFinotek Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍInfra and System Developer
  • ㆍNTH Project

Juhyun Myung Assistant Engineer
Client Developer

  • ㆍB.S. in Computer Science
  • ㆍFinotek. Co., Ltd.
  • ㆍMacro Program Developer
  • ㆍNTH Project


NTH is a data platform with growing partnerships

  • Preparing a space for observing stars,
    education, and sharing dreams and romance in downtown Seoul.


Public + Blockchain = PUBLOX
PUBLOX's project is based on profit sharing.
Through location-based blockchain platform ‘NTH’ and Smartphone Mobility Data of ‘NTH’, platform shares the profits with participants and expand our services to various industries.

With partners in big data analysis, blockchain, finance, real estate, and mobility, Publox is building an ecosystem for the ‘NTH’ platform.